• Concrete Standards and certification

    Concrete is manufactured, delivered and tested in strict accordance with South African National Standard, SANS SANS 2001 CC1

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  • The Omega Volumetric Mixer

    Our Equipment includes the Omega Volumetric Concrete ready mix trucks. The trucks are all in one ready mix solutions.

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  • Services

    At Go2Market we are happy to provide high-quality concrete services to local homeowners and contractors as well as commercial or industrial projecs

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Your Ultimate Prime Concrete Solution

Go2Market (Pty) Ltd. is a supplier of quality ready mixed concrete products and concrete pumping services. Our products range from standard concrete to grouts, mortars, fibre-reinforced concrete, polished concrete to colour concrete.


  • Mobile Mixer

    • Requires 1 truck, a silo, and a Front loader
    • Pours concrete at 60 cubes per hour
    • No waste
    • concrete is fresher and higher quality
    • You Only pay for what you use
    • Easy to Use Theme Options Panel
  • Ready Mix Business

    • Requires usually a minimum of 6 ready mix trucks and mixers a batch plant and at least 10 people to operate
    • up to 5% waste
    • Waste leads to reclamation facilities to breakdown wasted concrete
    • Must use more retarders and chemicals to keep concrete from hardening too quickly which weakens concrete.
  • Some Mixes We Do

    • Standard Concrete
    • Pervious Concrete
    • High Specification Concrete
    • Pump Mixes
    • Grout Mixes
    • Slurry Mixes
    • Grout Mixes
    • Rapid-Set Mixes


Go2Market pty Ltd specializes in the manufacture and supply of ready mix concrete using the volumetric concrete mixing trucks, using the Omega truck which is recognized world-wide as the innovative leader in the volumetric concrete mixer industry. The Omega volumetric truck produces all types or uses of concrete mixes. A volumetric concrete mixing truck allows for cost-effective on-site production of concrete.
Omega Concrete Mixers is leading the way in the mobile mixer industry to enhance the utilization of the volumetric mobile mixer in all aspects of work solutions. The volumetric concrete mixer carries all the components needed to engineer concrete onsite, that is: sand, stone, cement, water and admixtures, which are loaded into separate compartments on the truck. This makes the truck a “mobile batching plant” because it can mix fresh concrete on demand, on site – when you want it, anywhere you want it and any mix design you want in the desired amount.
Construction companies often experience project delays in part due to traditional drum mixer trucks arriving on-site with ‘expired concrete’ due to long distances travelled including the wasted labour hours spent waiting for ready-mix concrete trucks to fetch the next batch of concrete from far-off batching plant

  • We are committed to delivering quality concrete

    structural integrity goes along with quality mixes

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Our Happy Clients

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